Popular Trends in Bathroom Remodeling

On August, 18, 2017

Westchester Bathroom Remodeling

Making the decision to remodel the bathroom in your Westchester home will be a choice you are glad that you made. Aside from loving the final look and improved functionality, you will appreciate the increase in your overall property value. However, there are a number of important choices that you will have to make, along the way.

For some people, they already have in mind exactly what they want. Others have no idea where to even start. Either way, before making any final selections, you should be aware of current trends for bathroom renovations.

While fads are something to steer clear from, unless introducing with easily replaceable accents, trends are usually the start of what is to become the new standard. These are usually something that will be here to stay, at least long enough to be worthy of your financial investment. However, at the end of the day, make sure you choose options you will love, unless your motive is purely from an investment standpoint.

Getting Trendy While Keeping Practical

One of the best ways to avoid trends that you are worried will soon fall out of fashion, is stick with those enhancements that focus on functionality. Here are a few examples of both:

Go big and go home!

For years, homeowners main focus was on remodeling kitchens. Now, the tables are turning and bathrooms are the new renovation project. Instead of just making them look updated or adding a nice shower, homeowners are enlarging their bathrooms, too. Think spacious, open air and enough space to move from oversized tub to vanity with room to change clothing in between. This may include relocating walls, as well as plumbing and electrical wiring.

Think storage

For the longest time, bathroom designs meant excluding any real space for storage. Now, gone are the days when towels, toiletries and other bathroom necessities were stored in a nearby hallway closet. Designs now incorporate plenty of storage so everything is within reach, and nothing is in plain view. Make your fixtures the focal point, and not your hairspray, deodorant or toothbrush.

Seeing in 3-D

Three-Dimensional Tile is taking standard tile to a whole new level. Using tile at all in bathrooms has helped enhance the look, now it is time to move forward. This added texture does wonders for the visual aesthetics of your bathroom. You can even use the most basic of colors, it is the dimension that does the work.

Some like it hot

As this room becomes more about luxury, homeowners are making the wise choice to start adding floor and towel warmers. There is nothing as uncomfortable as stepping from a hot shower on to a cold floor and reaching for a room temperature towel. It is like living in the lap of luxury to step out of the tub onto a warm floor and wrap up in a hot towel.

Light it up

When getting ready in the morning, you need a strong light to help with makeup applications or shaving. Yet, when soaking in the tub at the end of the day, you want soothing and calming mood lights. Set yourself up for success by making certain that you have both. This bold mix of lighting will enhance the functionality, as well as create a stunning look.

Getting the Right Pros

In order to get the best results for your bathroom remodeling service work, the name to call on is Better Home Builders, Inc. We can provide you with a final outcome you will love, for years to come. However, what is equally as important to us is being able to also address the service needs of our clients.

We will work with you to help ensure that your expectations are not just met, but exceeded. We offer a wide variety of services, in order to take care of your home improvement needs. Make it a point to give us a call before starting your next renovation project so we can show you how we have earned the reputation that we have.

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